Week 2

Org charts

Present Org charts


Kai, Ann, Jeremy, Lisa, Avery


Rigo, Leigh, Lucia, Haley, Niki, Ziyu

Current events


All students on Zoom

Ann, Leigh, Kai and Niki will bring up news stories, headlines and current events relating to politics (and/or design) this week for discussion. Place links in #news channel in Slack if possible. 45min

Just following the current events debrief, we’ll look at what questions you came up with in Slack for Gemma.

Conversation with Gemma Copeland

On your own when not in small groups reviewing the org charts, read the resources provided to prepare for Gemma Copeland in the Week 2 section of the Unit 1 brief. Use this time to also look at the readings and references in the Unit 1 brief. Come up with three questions you want to ask at our 5pm Zoom. Place those in Slack under #guests


Same Zoom link for conversation


Take five minutes to reflect on the conversation. What is one revelation that derived itself from the conversation? John will drop a Google Doc link in the Zoom chat where you can share with the rest of the class.

For next week


Brief recap for next week