Week 12

Final class!

Mount work


We have two rooms to display work in — DC404 and DC407. Room 407 can hold the first two assignments: Org Charts and Symbols project. John will print out the assignment briefs to give context to guests. Room 404 can hold prints and laptops showing final projects. To help the work be legible in a walkabout, write a few sentences and print on a letter sheet to accompany your final project.



Students and guests can walk through rooms and glance at work.

Expected guests: Rachel Colaiace (Prov. Parks), Andy Law (RISD ID/MADE), Anastasiia Raina, (RISD GD), Dan Wood (RISD Printmaking)

Guest response


Guests will have limited time and may appear within the 1:20pm and 3:00pm time frame. There may be certain projects that guests and students wish to comment on and discuss with the whole class.

Final project reviews


We’ll be sure to discuss each final project for 5-10minutes each.



Students will use this form to reflect on the semester. Be prepared to share some of your reflections with the group.

By May 24

Upload documentation of your work with caption/description to your folder in our class Google Drive folder