Week 7

Andy Pressman



We’ll talk with Andy Pressman about his experiences with design and politics as a community organizer, designer and now creative director at Upstatement. Above: His design system for Democratic Socialists for America played out by local chapters

Public space check-in


Assembled in a group of three, discuss the location you’ve chosen for your public space project and get feedback from your classmates. Drop images of your site in the #unit-3 channel in Slack for all to see.


Method activity: Extremism/Sliders

For next week, work with the form of the slider bar. Slider bars have a range between a minimum and a maximum. Create a minimum of 20 slider bars for various scenarios. Define the minimum and maximum as a way to stretch how we think about those scenarios.

Show us results from your slider bar activity as a way of stretching your conception about what you can do in your site.

Put your slider bars on this Miro board

Outdoor activity

Arrow made from moss

We’ll venture out to two contiguious public parks: Mary Elizabeth Sharpe, which occupies two house plots between Benefit and Pratt Streets, and Prospect Terrace Park, which abutts ME Sharpe.

You’ll work in groups of three. As a means of investing and participating in public space, make a short-term alteration to the park. Use what you find, and reconfigure it to communicate with other visitors.

Above: Arrow by Avery, Lisa and Leigh

Current events


Rigo, Halie and Lisa will bring up news stories, headlines and current events relating to politics (and/or design) this week for discussion. Place links in #news channel in Slack if possible. 45min

Senior show


Avery's project

We’ll end a bit early and anyone is welcome to walk up to Woods-Gerry to see the senior show. Above: Work from Avery in the exhibition