Week 4


Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams communicate what two sets have in common — the overlap. As with many charting techniques, the diagram may be incredibly insightful or horribly simplistic. I have found diagrams of this sort useful in generating ideas, forms, directions for projects.

Using the Venn Diagram are.na channel as inspiration, work with the form of the Venn Diagram as a method to discover new ideas — for your symbol project or for something else entirely.

You will each be given ten of the cards pictured, printed by John on the RISD GD Risograph.

Perform the following activies with provided cards, blank cards and even your sketchbook.

Activity One: Passing

Sit as a 5-person group around a table so that you are close enough to a person to pass a card. Each person starts with a blank card. Using your symbol project as inspiration, write one idea, material, substrate, tool, group, etc. in one of the areas of teh diagram (including the intersection). For the intersection, you may write in the white area and point into the intersection with a line. After one minute, everyone passes the card to the right. For the next minute, respond to what was passed to you by writing a word or phrase in one of the remaining two spots. Pass again and take one or two minutes to complete the diagram (this is the hardest stage).

Share the final cards with each other and discuss what these forms have brought up.

Activity Two:

With your five remaining cards, consider what the pink and the green cards may represent.

Activty Three:

Using the blank cards provided, create an additional 10 venn diagrams of your creation, reaching beyond standard two circles structures.


Post symbols in Slack #unit2


Intro to venn diagram. Let’s split up into two groups based on what symbols, formats you chose. In your group, you’ll either be working on the venn diagram activity or discussing your symbols project.


Group 1 discusses symbol project, Group 2 does Venn Diagrams.


Group 2 discusses symbol project, Group 1 does Venn Diagrams.


Venn Diagram recap.

Current events


Rigo, Halie and Lisa will bring up news stories, headlines and current events relating to politics (and/or design) this week for discussion. Place links in #news channel in Slack if possible. 45min