Week 9

Amber Art & Design at Davey Lopes


Dave Lopes mural

We’ll depart at 1:15pm by car to Davey Lopes Recreation Center to witness the final day of Amber Art & Design’s weeklong parachute cloth painting workshop.

We’ll talk with Keir and Linda from Amber, Anthony from Davey Lopes and the six artists who are finishing up their murals.

Earth Day at Peace & Plenty Park


Peace & Plenty

We’ll visit with Greg Victor, head of the friends group at Peace & Plenty Park, on the southside of Providence. Greg worked for years to secure land for a park and has cultivated people and plants alike at the community garden across the street. Through a City Council ordinance, streets are changing to become more pedestrian friendly. Greg Victor will take us on a walk to see these changes.

DWRI Letterpress on politics and printing


Lois Harada of DWRI Letterpress

We’ll stop into DWRI Letterpress to talk with Dan Wood and Lois Harada about their political work. They have both produced personal and collaborative work to help with marches, advocacy and for gallery settings. See some of their work online