Week 11

Current Events


Let’s jump into current events, local and beyond, relating to politics (and/or design). Place links in #news channel in Slack if possible.

Visit from State Rep. Jean Philippe Barros


Rep. Barros in 2017 at a Pawtucket block party

We’ll be joined by State Rep. Jean Philippe Barros. He was my city councilperson in Pawtucket and has been my state Rep for about 6 years. His day job is at the Central Falls Public Works Department. JP (as he’s called) is very knowledgeable about city and state government. Come with some follow-up questions from last week (taxing Brown, solitary confinement) as well as questions that might relate to your projects, your political interests, etc. As a Cape Verdean immigrant, he can speak to how progressive viewpoints are viewed by the diverse populations in his district. He has many years in service and can bring that to bear in our conversation. Followed by 15min break

Project review


Discuss final class format and possible guests. As of now, we have RISD professors Anastasiia Raina and Andy Law joining as well as Rachel Colaice from the Providence Parks Department.


Everyone should be prepared to show progress on their final project — whether it involves public space, or whether it meandered into open territory.